Mangla Hospital

Dr Vipin M. Vashishtha, MD, FIAP
Director & Consultant Pediatrician,
Mangla Hospital & Research Center,
Shakti Chowk,
BIJNOR-246701 (UP) India
Tel.: 01342-262931
FAX: 01342-265102



Mangla Hospital & Research Center,
An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Institution


Available Facilities at Mangla Hospital :
* O.P.D. Consultations: Pediatric medicine
* Indoor admission
*Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
*Neonatal Intensive Care Unit-KALRAV
* Investigations facilities (Laboratory services & X-Rays)
*Complete Immunization

* PICU - Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
* In-house Pathology
* Twelve-bedded separated Nurseries for clean and infected (septic) babies equipped with 'Radiant Warmer' , 'Baby Incubators' and Electronics Weighing Scales.
* Thermoneutral Environment :fully air-conditioned (with facility to run ac even on generators)
* Photography and Exchange Transfusion for jaundiced babies.
* Well-trained Nursing Staff, having expertise in incubating a newborn babies.
* Centralized Medical Oxygen even a free flow of 8-10 L/min can be achieved.
* Oxygen therapy by hoods nasal prongs and masks. For emergency, oxygen concentrators are also available.
* Assisted Ventilation : Equipped with one of the most advanced,4th generation neonatal ventilation completely designed for neonatal care with high class features.
* C-PAP Units : for premature babies having mild respiratory distress and recurrent apnea.
* Hyperalimentation : IV nutrition by fat emulsion and amino acid infusion. for babies, where oral feeding is not possible for a prolonged period.
* Proper Monitoring : of HR,SpO2,EtCO2,NIBP,MAP by Pulse Oximeters, NIBP Monitor and CO2 Monitor (Capnography)
* Arterial Blood Gases (ABG) : available outside the premises with the facility for immediate reporting.
* Mobile X-ray : a separate mobile x-ray machine for sick and ventilated babies.
* Proper Asepsis : provided by-
* Isolation of a sick baby in a separated Septic Nursery,
* Fumigation at regular interval,
* Use of only autoclaved linen ,
* Liberal use of disposable,
* Strict protocol for hand washing,
* Rotational antibiotic policy.
*Facilities that can be arranged on demand
* Transportation of a sick baby in a transport incubator (even babies on ventilators can be transferred)
Bed side ultrasonography,



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